Entrepreneur Publishing, Scarlett Johnson – Mother Teresa

Whether you are looking to lead a more spiritual life, gain fulfillment, or learn to forgive those who have hurt you, Mother Teresa’s timeless wisdom from her amazing lifetime can offer you guidance. Mother Teresa is regarded as a modern day saint, and although she died in 1997, her experiences and insight can easily be applied to our lives. In this audiobook, you’ll learn lessons on:

Loving through giving

Embracing a simple life

Recognizing that small deeds can change the world

Realizing that our intentions are the most important aspect of any actions

This book collates 40 of Mother Teresa’s inspiring lessons into one volume, and they can be applied to a variety of everyday situations. Mother Teresa believed in the power of spirituality, love, and caring, and these lessons teach us how to follow her example to enjoy a more fulfilling life. Although Mother Teresa made a massive difference to the poverty and suffering around her in Calcutta, she understood that not everyone can achieve great things.

It is from this knowledge that her lessons can inspire us to make small changes, which can greatly affect our quality of life and the lives of the people around us.

Mother Teresa can help you make positive changes in your own life today.

Author: Entrepreneur Publishing, Scarlett Johnson
Narrator: Mary Allwright
Duration: 1 hr and 17 minutes
Released: 15 Oct 2009
Publisher: Jeffrey Ito
Language: English

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Beautiful and inspiring life of a faithful hard-working priest
Quiet yet strong successor of St. Josemaria