Erez Cohen – Real Estate Titans

A complete guide for the real estate industry

Fresh out of college, Erez Cohen set foot in an investment banking firm. Whether through luck or fortune, he was assigned a position with the real estate group. He was handed a book that soon birthed his love affair with real estate that continues to this day.

In Real Estate Titans, Cohen draws on his personal experiences wherein he became a teacher and research assistant to his mentor, Dr. Linneman. During that time, he met, talked, and heard stories from distinguished real estate titans, such as Stephen Ross, Barry Sternlicht, Sam Zell, Steven Roth, et al. This informative time placed him in a unique position to collect knowledge from many of these titans.Surrounded by so many titans, Erez’s curiosity grew and resulted in the key lessons you’ll discover inside.

What inspires these titans to work so hard and reach such extraordinary levels of success?

What are the main elements and traits inside of them that propel them to be so grandiose?

How have these individuals, which most of the time had less resources and talent, succeeded on a much bigger scale than so many of their competitors?

And more

In Real Estate Titans, Erez reveals the seven key lessons he learned from his journey of discovery – key lessons that revealed themselves both through these interviews and his time working with multiple mentors and magnates in his careers.

Author: Erez Cohen
Narrator: Daniel Henning
Duration: 8 hours 19 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2004
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

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A strong representation of true real estate experts. Well organized and practical.
I highly recommend.