Erick Brown Hypnosis – Law of Attraction: Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis Collection

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All of us have the desire to be secure healthy, wealthy and able to easily meet our needs. Unfortunately, many of us have been taught that we cant have or dont deserve wealth, and as a result, we struggle financially and keep ourselves from the abundance that we were born to have. You may not have realized that within you is the power to manifest all of the things that you dream of, including wealth and abundance.

Using the Law of Attraction: Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis Collection, you will learn how to magnetize wealth and abundance to you. The Law of Attraction works, and it can work for you. This powerful collection combines state-of-the-art audio hypnosis tracks by hypnotherapist Erick Brown, with supplemental tracks that will help you to achieve your goals with total ease and confidence.

Recording 1: Hypnosis Instructions

Recording 2: Law of Attraction: Attracting Abundance and Wealth Nighttime Recording

Recording 3: Bonus Track: Confidence

Recording 4: Alpha Beat Session

Recording 5: Beta Beats Session

Recording 6: Delta Beats Session

Recording 7: Theta Beats Session

Recording 8: Calming Brainwave Therapy

Author: Erick Brown Hypnosis
Narrator: Erick Brown Hypnosis
Duration: 5 hours 16 minutes
Released: 10 Nov 2005
Publisher: Hypnosis & Subliminal LLC
Language: English

User Review:

swarm stressful

I haven’t noticed a significant change in my thoughts or behavior from listening to this at night, however it is very good at getting me to fall asleep at night which I do have issues with. The tape says to listen for 21 days straight for optimal results so perhaps when I do that I will notice a bigger shift. Still a good buy regardless.