Eureka Books – NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, by Steve Silberman

Please note: This is a companion to the book and not the original book.

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity seeks to unearth what autism is and why it remains a mystery.

Hans Asperger, a researcher and pediatrician working at the University of Vienna, first identified the disorder as occurring in many different forms and severities on a spectrum and saw the link between autism and high intelligence in areas such as music and mathematics. He called his patients little professors….

This companion to NeuroTribes includes:

Overview of the book

Important people

Key takeaways

Analysis of key takeaways

And much more!

Author: Eureka Books
Narrator: Michael Pauley
Duration: 25 minutes
Released: 15 May 2011
Publisher: Eureka Books
Language: English

User Review:

coming second-class

I didnt realize I had not purchased the actual book but a summary. However, I listened and found the summary so repetitive and poorly performed I have no desire to read the text. This is the second such summary Ive accidentally purchased. I will be on guard to avoid these little wastes of time and money in the future. They do a serious disservice to books that are probably excellent.