Evangeline Anderson – Hitting the Target

A girl sent to kill the one she is dreaming of…

Her target? A Kindred warrior with a beast inside…

Can Mia complete her mission?

Or is Trey Hitting the Target when he aims for her heart?

Ormyu Five is the world divided in two

To the north, a police state ruled by the heavy hand of The EYE, which spies on its people constantly and keeps iron control over their lives.

To the south lies Bountiful, a country of free thinkers bustling with trade and blessed with balmy weather. But those from the Northern Block never get to experience its temperate climate for the two halves of Ormyu Five are divided by an impenetrable wall of blue energy called the Great Barrier.

Mia lives in the North and cant remember a time when she wasnt looking over her shoulder. Everyone spies on everyone else and reports to The Eye. It is a land of paranoia – a place of constant fear. Even Mia herself has been forced into the ranks of informants – she works as a nurse but also as a covert agent, reporting weekly to her Commandant in The EYEs headquarters for new assignments. Imagine her surprise and dismay when she recognizes her new target – a huge male with a mane of golden brown hair and pale piercing eyes – as the one she has been dreaming of for months.

Treygar is a rare Leion Kindred which means he keeps a hungry beast locked within himself. He came to Ormyu Five with his people, looking for a new genetic trade on the strangely divided planet. What he doesnt expect is to start dream sharing with one of the inhabitants of the backwards world but that is exactly what happens. He wants to go and find the mysterious, curvy little female but before he can, he runs into her at the transport station.

Mia is scared to death of the huge Kindred warrior. Shes been dreaming of him for months but she assumed It was just that – a dream. Even worse, he is the target she had been sent to the South to trackand possibly to kill. Can she keep herself from falling for Trey and complete her mission? Or is the big Kindred aiming for her heart, Hitting the Target?

Author: Evangeline Anderson
Narrator: Mackenzie Cartwright
Duration: 8 hours 25 minutes
Released: 19 Jun 2012
Publisher: Insatiable Press
Language: English

User Review:

starship elevated

This is another great book by Ms. Anderson. It has taken some time for me to be able to listen to her books due to the abuse in my past, but I feel like I am growing as I listen to these books.