Freeman Wills Crofts – The Cask

From the Collins Crime Club archive, the seminal first novel by Freeman Wills Crofts, once dubbed The King of Detective Story Writers and recognised as one of the big four Golden Age crime authors.

The unloading of a consignment of French wine from the steamship Bullfinch is interrupted by a gruesome discovery in a broken cask leaking sawdust and gold sovereigns. But when the shipping clerk returns with the police, the cask and its macabre contents have gone. Following the clues to Paris, Inspector Burnley of Scotland Yard enlists the help of the genial French detective M. Lefarge to check motives and alibis in their hunt for evidence of a particularly fiendish murder.

This Detective Story Club classic is introduced by Freeman Wills Crofts himself in a unique preface from 1946 about The Casks origins.

Author: Freeman Wills Crofts
Narrator: Gordon Griffin
Duration: 12 hours 36 minutes
Released: 19 Feb 2005
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited
Language: English

User Review:

conviviality permissible

Wonderfully well crafted mystery ! For readers who appreciate the “How it was done ” type of mystery…..this will be a detailed delight …..and the reader does a masterful job.