Ganesh Sitaraman – The Great Democracy

A leading progressive intellectual offers an agenda for how real democracy can triumph in America and beyond

Since the New Deal in the 1930s, there have been two eras in our political history: the liberal era, stretching up to the 1970s, followed by the neoliberal era of privatization and austerity ever since. In each period, the dominant ideology was so strong that it united even partisan opponents. But the neoliberal era is collapsing, and the central question of our time is what comes next.

As acclaimed legal scholar and policy expert Ganesh Sitaraman argues, two political visions now contend for the future. One is nationalist oligarchy, which rigs the system for the rich and powerful while using nationalism to mobilize support. The other is the great democracy, which fights corruption and extends both political and economic power to all people. At this decisive moment in history, The Great Democracy offers a bold, transformative agenda for achieving real democracy.

Author: Ganesh Sitaraman
Narrator: Alex Hyde-White
Duration: 8 hours 38 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2012
Publisher: Basic Books
Language: English

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What I enjoyed most about Senator Obama’s speech is that he not only hit on the key points of what he plans to do if elected, but he also stated what he expects from the American people and the role we can have in solving the issues.