George C. Herring – From Colony to Superpower

A finalist for the 2008 National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction, this prize-winning and critically acclaimed history uses foreign relations as the lens through which to tell the story of America’s dramatic rise from 13 disparate colonies huddled along the Atlantic coast to the world’s greatest superpower.

Robert Fass narrates George C Herrings stunning history of successes and sometimes tragic failures with calm engagement, capturing the fast-paced narrative that illuminates the central importance of foreign relations to the existence and survival of the nation, and highlights its ongoing impact on the lives of ordinary citizens.

From Colony to Superpower is the most recent volume in the peerless Oxford History of the United States, which was described by the Atlantic Monthly as state of the art and the most distinguished series in American historical scholarship.

Please note: The individual volumes of the series have not been published in historical order. From Colony to Superpower is number XII in The Oxford History of the United States.

Author: George C. Herring
Narrator: Robert Fass
Duration: 40 hours 41 minutes
Released: 11 Mar 2001
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

ugliness missing

I thought this book was highly erudite. I do not agree with some that say the voice was dull, in fact I found the reader captivating and voiced quotes exceptionally. George Herring, in my opinion, provides little bias towards or against the US doctrine through the ages and gives a brilliant conclusion in the end when all things are considered.

The only lacking aspect was when discussing the topic at this grand of scale, it is hard to go into detail about things – for example: a shocking event would typically get about 5 minutes worth of text before moving onto another event. This does not leave the listener repined for further expatiation, however, as such time must be devoted to a topic in order to keep the narrative moving along.