Georges Simenon – Maigret Sets a Trap and Other Stories (Dramatised)

Four gripping dramatisations starring Maurice Denham as Maigret and Michael Gough as his creator Georges Simenon.

The worlds best-known French detective, Jules Maigret, talks to his creator Georges Simenon about four intriguing cases in these full-cast dramatisations that have been specially adapted for radio from the original novels.

Things are never the same when you go back, as Maigret discovers when an anonymous letter draws him to his place of birth. Montmartre is the scene of his next case, but can Maigrets carefully prepared approach prevent the latest in a line of serial killings? A murder with unusual characteristics finds Maigret at the remote Three Widows Crossroads, and finally he regrets being forced to suppress his instincts about the indecipherable Josset case.

Includes: ‘Maigret Goes Home’, ‘Maigret Sets a Trap’, ‘Maigret at the Crossroads’, and ‘Maigret Has Doubts’.

Author: Georges Simenon
Narrator: Maurice Denham, Michael Gough
Duration: 2 hours 56 minutes
Released: 11 Jun 2012
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Ltd
Language: English

User Review:

injection small-time

This recording may be an hour long, but it consists of (1) a 15 minute introduction to the series, which is helpful and interesting; (2) the first 15-minute episode; (3) another 15 minutes talking about the show (not very interesting, some I disagreed with, and some I found offensive); and (4) another 15 minute episode. The episodes are wonderful and remind me of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich… right down to the brusk cop/love interest! I wish they’d offer more episodes and less commentary, but it’s still worth the price.