Glenn Harrold – Overcome Addictions

This empowering hypnotherapy session will help the listener to release any addictive pattern of behavior. It will help with all types of addiction including: food, alcohol, gambling, drugs, TV, Internet, sex, computers, shopping, nicotine, caffeine, dieting, chocolate, nail biting, work, etc.
Author: Glenn Harrold
Narrator: Glenn Harrold
Duration: 33 minutes
Released: 5 May 2007
Publisher: Diviniti Publishing Ltd
Language: English

User Review:

nail lifelong

As a rather addictive sort of person, I did find this helpful but you have to listen nightly…wherein lies the rub. The author/narrator is just ODD. Odd phrasing, as in my title, odd accent, and the bit on the “diaphragmatic breathing technique” is the very best of the odd….but the price is right and, now that I am past the odd, it puts me right to sleep!!