Greg McDonald, Lynn McDonald, Beth Jusino – contributor – Embracing the Journey

A sympathetic, compassionate, and inspiring guide for parents, from the founders of one of the first Christian ministries for parents of LGBTQ children.

Greg and Lynn McDonald had never interacted with members of the LGBTQ community until they discovered their son was gay – and without resources or support, they had no idea how to handle this discovery. At first, they tried to fix him, to no avail. But even in the earliest days of their journey, the McDonalds clung to two absolutes: They would love God, and they would love their son.

This audiobook follows the McDonald familys journey over the next 20 years, from a place of grief to a place of gratitude and acceptance that led the McDonalds to start one of the first Christian ministries for parents of LGBTQ children. Based on their experience from counseling and coaching hundreds of struggling Christian parents, they offer tools for understanding your own emotional patterns and spiritual challenges. They also help you experience a deeper relationship with God while handling difficult or unexpected situations that are out of your control. You will discover tested principles, patterns, and spiritual lessons that can change the way we all see our families and help Christians at large think through Christlike ways to respond to the LGBTQ community.

Authored in an unvarnished, honest, reassuring, and relatable voice, this is a practical guide for parents and a road map to learning to love God, the people he created, and the church, even when they seem to be at odds.

Author: Greg McDonald, Lynn McDonald, Beth Jusino – contributor
Narrator: Danny Campbell, Cassandra Campbell
Duration: 6 hours 8 minutes
Released: 19 May 2003
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

User Review:

sniff lousy

Great book! My son is now 16 and he decided to post his coming out on FB when he was in the 8th grade! It’s something I knew in my heart, however once it goes “public” it changes your life! Thank you for such an open, heartfelt, raw, honest book!!