Gregg Olsen – A Twisted Faith

On December 26, 1997, near the affluent community of Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle, a house went up in flames. In it was the shy, beloved minister’s wife, Dawn Hacheney. When the fire was extinguished, investigators found only her charred remains. Her husband, Nick, was visibly devastated by the loss. What investigators failed to note, however, was that Dawn’s lungs didn’t contain smoke. Was she dead before the fire began?

So begins this true-crime story, which is unlike any other. It investigates Nick Hacheney, a philandering minister who had been carrying on with several women in the months before and just after his wife’s death. He would be convicted for the murder five years to the day after the crime. From one of the foremost names in true crime, this is a gripping and truly unforgettable story of a man whose charisma and desire rocked an entire community.

Author: Gregg Olsen
Narrator: Dennis Boutsikaris
Duration: 8 hours 55 minutes
Released: 10 May 2004
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

tripe blue-green

Boring story about a boring man and the gullible or egotistical people around him. This is a story about miserable people lacking common sense allowing a group of putzes to lead them astray despite the pull of their intuition. Couldn’t even finish it.