Harry Markopolos – No One Would Listen

No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller is exactly what the title promises. This is more than another book about the Bernie Madoff scandal, this is a fast-paced, blow-by-blow, true-crime story that you have to hear to believe. In a true David and Goliath tale, the underdog number cruncher uncovers the largest financial fraud in history, and has to fight everything and everyone in the system to bring it down. Harry Markopolos and his team of financial sleuths tell first-hand how they cracked Madoffs $65 billion Ponzi scheme yet, amazingly, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) refused to hear the truth for nearly 10 years. Told from the perspective of the ultimate whistleblower in modern corporate memory, No One Would Listen is bound to be the definitive narrative of this scandal.

This special edition includes an exclusive 10th chapter available only in audio, featuring testimony from three victims of the Madoff scheme who came in to the Audible studios to share their shocking and heartbreaking stories. In addition, David Kotz, the Inspector General of the SEC, speaks candidly about his investigation. Throughout the audiobook, youll also hear scathing commentary from congressional leaders on the blatant failures of the commission. No One Would Listen is more than an audiobook. It’s a lasting audio testament to the largest white-collar crime in history.

SEC Disclaimer

The Securities and Exchange Commission disclaims responsibility for any private publication or statement of any SEC employee or Commissioner. This audiobook expresses the author’s views and does not necessarily reflect those of the Commission, the Commissioners, or other members of the staff.

Author: Harry Markopolos
Narrator: Scott Brick, Harry Markopolos, Frank Casey, Neil Chelo, David Kotz, Gaytri Kachroo, Michael Ocrant
Duration: 13 hrs
Released: 10 Feb 2003
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

moray decided

Life is stranger than fiction–or in this case–more tragic. Through this book you will learn about the largest Ponzi scheme in history; those who tried to stop it; how the SEC didn’t give a damn, over and over again; and how lives were changed forever, including the author.

But, in the end, it is about the triumph of good men, ethical men who had the fortitude to be believe in what is right. Markopolos, his team, and those who finally listened are true American heroes.

The book is well read by Scott Brick and others, although, I did not see the need for the others. Previously, I’ve found Brick to be melancholic at times; here, he is a good fit for the tone and message. (Perhaps Demille was the ghost writer.) I enjoyed listening to Brick. I would recommend this book to anyone, including those like myself who know little about the banking industry.

In the end you may ask yourself, so why does the SEC exist, and are we really protected from this happening again? Moreover, why the heck aren’t more people pissed off and shouting at the SEC demanding to know why they failed to do their job?

It is a great read. Go ahead, get it now.