Harvard Business Review – Harvard Business Review, May 2006

This month’s issue includes two complete articles: “The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage” and “Mapping Your Innovation Strategy”. Plus, you’ll hear OnPoint summaries of three articles: “Why Innovation in Healthcare is So Hard”, “Are Leaders Portable?”, and “Winning in the Aftermarket”. Finally, there are Executive Summaries of four additional articles, along with special commentary from HBR Senior Editor Gardiner Morse.
Author: Harvard Business Review
Narrator: uncredited
Duration: 1 hr and 34 minutes
Released: 6 Oct 2005
Publisher: Harvard Business School
Language: English

User Review:

microphone shady

The original “emyth” was a true diamond. A masterpiece.

This edition is a bit strange with some stories going well off-script. But I would still recommend it, as I’m a huge proponent of Michael Gerber, his views, books and businesses and you will definitely pick up a few good ideas from this book, too.