Harvard Business Review – Harvard Business Review, October 2007

We begin with this month’s Forethought: “A Strategic Approach to Climate” by Michael Porter and Forest Reinhardt. Then, three full length articles:

“How Valuable Is Word of Mouth?” by V. Kumar, J. Andrew Petersen, and Robert Leone. You’ll hear why the customers who buy the most from you are probably not your best marketers, and how your best marketers may be worth far more to your company than your most enthusiastic consumers.

“The Art of Designing Markets” by Alvin Roth. Learn why its no longer enough for markets to be viewed as only the confluence of supply and demand.

“Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time” by Tony Schwartz, about how increasing your energy capacity is the best way to get more work done faster and better.

Finally, you’ll hear executive summaries of the remaining articles: “The CEO’s Private Investigation”, “Realizing the Promise of Personalized Medicine”, “The Chief Strategy Officer”, “Making Judgment Calls”, and “My Extreme MBA: A Conversation with Rory Stewart”.

Author: Harvard Business Review
Narrator: Todd Mundt
Duration: 1 hr and 49 minutes
Released: 7 Jan 2010
Publisher: Harvard Business School
Language: English

User Review:

focus experienced

Excellent content and delivery by the narrator. big minus for the terrible way in how the audiobook is divided into chapters that at times seem to be unrelated to the content. This could be improved tremendously to make this good for study and looking up concepts; not just read from back to back. Better naming of chapters would be beneficial as well. Though, maybe the book only has names like Chapter 1 to n without further context.