Hayley Nolan – Anne Boleyn

A bold new analysis of one of historys most misrepresented women.

History has lied.

Anne Boleyn has been sold to us as a dark figure, a scheming seductress who bewitched Henry VIII into divorcing his queen and his church in an unprecedented display of passion. Quite the tragic love story, right?


In this electrifying expos, Hayley Nolan explores for the first time the full, uncensored evidence of Anne Boleyns life and relationship with Henry VIII, revealing the shocking suppression of a powerful woman.

So leave all notions of outdated and romanticised folklore at the door and forget what you think you know about one of the Tudors most notorious queens. She may have been silenced for centuries, but this urgent book ensures Anne Boleyns voice is being heard now.


Author: Hayley Nolan
Narrator: Hayley Nolan
Duration: 11 hours 28 minutes
Released: 19 Jan 2012
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

romanticism suggested

over dramatic reading, adding hashtag statements makes it juvenile. get a new reader that does not sound like she is lecturing at a pulpit.