Henning Mankell – The Pyramid and Four Other Kurt Wallander Mysteries

The Pyramid is the long-awaited addition to Henning Mankell’s critically celebrated and internationally best-selling Kurt Wallander mystery series – a book of five short mysteries that takes us back to the beginning. Here are the stories that trace, chronologically, Wallander’s growth from a rookie cop into a young father and then a middle-aged divorc, illuminating how Wallander became a first-rate detective and highlighting new facets of a now canonical character.

Kenneth Branagh will play Kurt Wallander in a new PBS Masterpiece Theatre Mystery! series this summer.

Author: Henning Mankell
Narrator: Dick Hill
Duration: 15 hours 20 minutes
Released: 9 Nov 2006
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

dressing-room bestselling

I really liked these stories. I agree with the other reviewers who have noted that they provide the early history of Kurt Wallander. The story called “The Pyramid” is extraordinary. It reminded me of Fellini with the some of the images: his difficult and eccentric father and the latter’s trip to Egypt necessitating Wallender to travel there to get him out of jail. Hard to explain unless you’ve read it, which I encourage you to do.