Howard Owen – The Devils Triangle

When a twin-engine Beechcraft crashes into one of Richmonds watering holes and turns happy hour into Hell, theories run rampant. Was it terrorists who, for some reason, decided to vent their spleens on unsuspecting Richmond? Was it a statement by homegrown killers less-than-thrilled that the city still, in the 21st century, chooses to honor Confederate leaders on its most prominent avenue?

The obvious answers, though, just dont pan out. All the shoot-from-the-hip purveyors of vigilante justice have to stand down when it becomes clear that the pilot of the suicide plane was a disaffected former Richmonder, David Biggio, with no known links to any terrorist organizations, foreign or domestic. For Willie Black, the daily newspapers hard-charging, hard-drinking night cops reporter, the question still remains: Why?

To complicate matters, one of the victims of the kamikaze crash was the present husband of Willies third ex-wife, Kate. Willies reconnection with her is placing his present relationship with the lovely Cindy Peroni on shaky ground. And, as the newspaper business continues on a death spiral that seems to rival Biggios last flight, the citys most intrepid reporter wonders just how long a 50-something guy with authority issues can hope to draw a weekly paycheck. New ownership of the paper looms, and Willie comes to realize that sometimes things are darkest just before they get pitch black.

Willies search for the truth eventually leads him to a small town on the Chesapeake where David Biggio spent his last years. There, Willie will eventually learn what drove a deranged man to commit an act of seemingly anonymous mayhem. And, as has often been the case in the past, he will find that the answers he seeks can come at a high price.

Author: Howard Owen
Narrator: Kevin Kenerly
Duration: 6 hours 26 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2012
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

boxcar sinewy

This is the third book in the Jason King series I have purchased from Audible and I have enjoyed each one from beginning to end. Matt Rogers has created a complex but complete bad ass character in Jason King. Each book has been completely unique and packed with virtually non-stop action. I don’t normally leave reviews although I rate all books. I felt obligated to write out a review this time because I believe that anyone who starts the Jason King series will love it as much as I do. I read virtually every military thriller I can. I also love Tom Wood’s Victor the Assassin series as well. Give Matt Rogers a try. You won’t be disappointed!!