Ian Marter – Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World

David Troughton reads this exciting novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Second Doctor, as played by Patrick Troughton.

In the year 2030, when the world is hit by a series of terrible natural disasters, only one man seems to know what action to take.

Salamanders success in handling these monumental problems has brought him enormous power. But what more lies behind his public persona?

From the moment the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria land on an Australian beach, they are caught up in a struggle for world domination – a struggle in which the Doctors startling resemblance to Salamander plays a vital role.

David Troughton, who has played several roles in the TV series, reads Ian Marter’s novelisation of the 1967 TV serial by David Whitaker.

Author: Ian Marter
Narrator: David Troughton
Duration: 3 hours 58 minutes
Released: 19 Apr 2007
Publisher: BBC Digital Audio
Language: English

User Review:

stratum illogical

I was expecting a story about one of the things that happens to Martha during the Year that Never Happened. That’s not what this is, but it foreshadows what will happen during Season 3 of the TV show. I didn’t find the plot particularly surprising, but it was interesting and enjoyable. Freema Agyeman voices it wonderfully. She has a way of capturing the Doctor’s voice without trying to do a David Tennant impersonation.