Ian Vasquez, James Gwartney, David Price, more – CatoAudio, August 2004

This edition of CatoAudio features Ian Vasquez and James Gwartney on the state of global economic liberty; the Washington Legal Foundation’s David Price on the FDA’s cruel treatment of the terminally ill; Adam Thierer on the relentless expansion of choice and diversity in today’s media marketplace; P.J. O’Rourke on the follies of nation building; David Boaz on heroes of liberty great and small; and the University of Newcastle’s James Tooley on the surprising lessons of private education in the world’s poorest slums.
Author: Ian Vasquez, James Gwartney, David Price, more
Narrator: Bill McGregor
Duration: 1 hr and 4 minutes
Released: 4 Jan 2008
Publisher: The Cato Institute
Language: English

User Review:

spore expert

This story was a remarkable overview of the plight of people during the Genocide. The authors insights to a horrific period give a view of how individuals were caught up in the struggles by conveying not only their experiences but also their thoughts about their dire situation. I have been to Rwanda, heard many versions of the genocide but this story has given me further insights. The key people in the story are described in great depth and with sensitivity. It captures the realities of people’s lives based on the authors experiences as a journalist.