Instaread – The Sixth Extinction, by Elizabeth Kolbert: Key Takeaways, Analysis, & Review


The Sixth Extinction is a book by award-winning journalist Elizabeth Kolbert. In this book, the author demonstrates that species are dying out at a rate comparable to the previous mass extinctions, and if the trend of global warming, deforestation, and pollution continues in its present course, the numbers of extinct species will meet or exceed that rate of destruction. This event will include the extinction of humanity. What this means is that the current loss of life today will soon justify the term “The Sixth Extinction”, a mass extinction like the one that destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

When humans originated about 100,000 years ago, they began to hunt some species into extinction. Their ability to outcompete other early hominids for food led to the extinction of those species, including Neanderthals.

The extinction of species picked up steam when humans began transforming great swaths of forest and plains into farmland about 10,000 years ago….

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chronology old-fashioned

A small sample of mans hubris on a regional scale and your chilling global preview.