J. D. Trafford – Without Precedent

How much would you give up to get justice for your family?

Matthew Daley is a Manhattan corporate lawyer at the top of his game. As the first defense attorney on call to get pharmaceutical companies out of trouble, Matt is rising in the judicial system exactly as he planned. Until his sister dies of a heroin overdose.

Now, torn between conscience and career, the newly minted law partner faces a critical choice: defend the very companies that manufactured the addictive drugs, or give up his fiance and his hard-won dream job to fight for justice in his sisters name.

Returning to his blue-collar hometown with a ragtag band of law-school misfits by his side, Matt squares off against a team of New York corporate attorneys in a high-stakes courtroom battle. If he wins, the case could have national implications, bringing down the multibillion-dollar Big Pharma industry. If he loses, hell become collateral damage in the greatest fall of his career and his life.

Author: J. D. Trafford
Narrator: Timothy Andrs Pabon
Duration: 7 hours 7 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2003
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

atelier indigenous

J D Trafford is such a good author. His books deserve so much more attention from readers. This book like Trafford’s others is an exceptional stand alone read.
The publisher’s summary is excellent and gives a great overview. I wouldn’t expand on it because to say more would spoil this for someone else.
The courtroom scenes with the underdog attorney (Matthew Daley) who is the protagonist are the dream of every plaintiff. The ending is hilariously spectacular!!!!
The narration by Timothy Andrs Pabon is outstanding.
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