Jaci Velasquez, Julie Lyles Carr – When God Rescripts Your Life

Much of what happens in our lives is not what we planned, not what we expected, and certainly not what we would have chosen.

At a young age, Jaci Velasquezs singing career rocketed to stardom, and her marriage thrived – then both suddenly crashed. Losing her reputation, her record label, and even some of her most-treasured relationships, Jaci began a long, healing journey from thinking of herself not as a Christian music darling or a broken young woman but as a beloved child of God. Today, her renewed faith carries her through a resurrected career, the adventures of a second marriage, and the ups-and-downs of being a mother of a child who has autism.

When God Rescripts Your Life is Jacis exploration of the lessons shes learned living a story full of mistakes and grace, rejection and contentment, worldly success and spiritual rest. Drawing on lessons from biblical characters such as Aaron, Joseph, and Paul, Jaci reminds us how God loves to rewrite pain and weakness into a glorious tale of redemption. The most difficult parts of life dont need to be removed; they need to be rescripted.

Author: Jaci Velasquez, Julie Lyles Carr
Narrator: Jaci Velasquez
Duration: 5 hours 36 minutes
Released: 19 Aug 2010
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Language: English

User Review:

dynamo peaceable

I have followed Jacis career since the very beginning. This book has been one of the best books. I felt her genuinely opening her heart as she narrates her story. It really took me into deep thinking about things in my life that I need to surrender. I loved how she quoted examples from the Bible and applied them to the present. I really loved hearing her heart and how she shared about her personal life throughout the book. I loved the stories about her boys and how her faith in God has kept her on her feet. This book really touched my life. I highly recommend it.