Jack Flynn – Blood in the Water

Jack Flynn’s Blood in the Water is an edge-of-the-seat ride in a roller coaster, action-packed thriller with international terrorism at its core and family at its heart.

Boston is in the grip of the coldest winter on record, but in its criminal underworld the temperature is rising.

Harbor chief Cormack O’Connell has lived his life close to the wire – above and below the law. He knows every movement on his waterfront, and that’s why someone wants him out of the way, fast.

Homeland security agent Kit Steele is committed to avenge terrorism. Also known as The Hunter, she’s got her eye on the prize. This time it’s personal, and she has nothing left to lose.

Her prey is Vincente Carpio, one of the world’s most dangerous criminals. He is clever, calculating and he’s biding his time.

Diamond O’Connell is a daughter, a lover, and a fighter. She’s seen things most 19-year-old girls couldn’t even begin to imagine. And she’s about to become a pawn in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Everyone has their part to play, but now it seems that there are much darker, far-reaching forces at work which look to be preparing for the international stage.

Author: Jack Flynn
Narrator: Dion Graham
Duration: 11 hours 15 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2010
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

granddaddy restless

Sadly, I can only buy the abridged books, Because Armand Schultz reads the abridged version!!! He truly is Mitch Rapp!!! I am losing almost half the books!! George is a good reader but he’s NOT Mitch!!!!