James A. Shapiro – Evolution

James A. Shapiro’s Evolution: A View from the 21st Century proposes an important new paradigm for understanding biological evolution. Shapiro demonstrates why traditional views of evolution are inadequate to explain the latest evidence, and presents a compelling alternative. His information and systems-based approach integrates advances in symbiogenesis, epigenetics, and mobile genetic elements, and points toward an emerging synthesis of physical, information, and biological sciences.
Author: James A. Shapiro
Narrator: Ira Rosenberg
Duration: 5 hours 4 minutes
Released: 11 Sep 2011
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

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While I do not blame the author or reader, I cannot recommend this work, except for students wishing to review new topics in molecular biology. The book is unrelievedly technical and while the reader drones on manfully it is more or less impossible to make it anything but monotonous. The information is there, but very hard to retain. Sorry, this just isn’t a book for popular audiences or an audio format. I hope that any listener who did get something out of it will write in with a countervailing opinion. I am a third of the way through and tempted to bail.