James H. Hallas – Saipan

The story of the Battle of Saipan has it all. Marines at war: on Pacific beaches, in hellish volcanic landscapes in places like Purple Heart Ridge, Death Valley, and Hell’s Pocket, under a commander known as “Howlin’ Mad.” Naval combat: carriers battling carriers from afar, fighters downing Japanese aircraft, submarines sinking carriers. Marine-army rivalry. Fanatical Japanese defense and resistance. A turning point of the Pacific War. James Hallas reconstructs the full panorama of Saipan in a way that no recent chronicler of the battle has done. In its comprehensiveness, attention to detail, scope of research, and ultimate focus on the men who fought and won the battle on the beaches and at and above the sea, it rivals Richard Frank’s modern classic Guadalcanal. This is the definitive military history of the Battle of Saipan.
Author: James H. Hallas
Narrator: Tim Dixon
Duration: 22 hours 54 minutes
Released: 20 Jul 2001
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Language: English

User Review:

exposure harmless

This book questions the long-held viewpoint that the USAF F86 Sabre Jet had a 10-1 kill rate over the MIG-15s and that the USAF dominated the sky of the Korean War. This is an easily readable revisionist history of the air war from 1950-53.

Cleaver had access to the newly opened Russian and Chinese archives and revealed that the aerial war was more complicated than originally reported. The author revealed how, driven by the new jet aircraft, the aerial war evolved with new doctrine, training and tactics as well as overall strategies. The section dealing with the designing of the MIG-15 and F86 Sabre Jet got technical and a bit boring. But, the section about the men who were the Ace fighters was gripping. Cleaver wrote great descriptions of the aerial dog fights. The book provided more information to help understand the Korean War. History buffs will enjoy this book.

The book is fourteen hours and eleven minutes. David de Vries does a good job narrating the book.