James Joyce – Pucker Factor 10

In 1963…there was no way I could have known, sitting in a classroom on that beautiful campus in Ohio, that by raising my hand I would be going to war in Vietnam and that I would see things, hear things, and do things that most people cannot imagine. (James Joyce)

The author was drawn into the United States Army through ROTC, and he went through training to fly helicopters in combat over Vietnam. His experiences are notable because he flew both Huey Slicks and Huey Gunships: the former on defense as he flew troops into battle, and the latter on offense as he took the battle to the enemy. Through this book, the author relives his experiences flying and fighting, with special attention given to his and other pilots day-to-day lives – such as the smoke bombing of Disneyland, the nickname given to a United States Army-sponsored compound for prostitution. Some of the pilots Joyce served with survived the war and went on to have careers with commercial airlines, and many were killed.

Author: James Joyce
Narrator: Traber Burns
Duration: 8 hours 29 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2012
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

broth crushing

the story line ,was ok, I trained with the 1st Air Cav , when it was the 11th air assault proof of concept for the air mobile .
we lost more aircraft during that training than they lost in Vietnam that whole year. mostly pilot error, and trying new things,or just screwing around.
in Vietnam i was crew chief and left door gunner over 630 combat missions.. he stretched the truth some and didnt go far enough explaining what it was like in a heavy fire fight. with so many tracers of all kinds coming up ,the 30 cal stuff we could suppress, 50 or 51 cal was somthing else our guns couldent do anything about ,unless we were at tree top or just feet off the deck and get in close. it was exciting.

over all it put me back in country while listening
the friends you make while in combat are strong, and bbn lastin