James M. Dixon – Things I’ll Never Forget

Things Ill Never Forget is the story of a young high school graduate in 1965 who faces being drafted into the Army or volunteering for the Marine Corps. These are his memories of funny times, disgusting times and deadly times. The author kept a journal for an entire year; therefore many of the dates, times and places are accurate. The rest is based on memories that are forever tattooed on his brain. This is not a pro-war book, nor is it anti-war. It is the true story of what the Marine Corps was like in the late 1960s, when the country had a draft and five hundred thousand Americans were serving one year tours in battle-torn South East Asia. If you served in Viet Nam you will want to compare your experience with the authors. If you know someone who went to Viet Nam, you will want to listen for yourself what it was like. If you lost a loved one or friend in the war, you will want to listen to this and share it with others.
Author: James M. Dixon
Narrator: Malcolm Hillgartner
Duration: 9 hours 36 minutes
Released: 18 Oct 2008
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

entity territorial

I’ve have known a couple of Vietnam combat vets, and whether by attempting to be polite, or too embarrassed to ask; I never questioned their experiences or thoughts.

This book fills that gap and allows a person who never knew anything of one of the United States most unpopular wars (aside from what was fed to us via Hollywood and other media) and creates a possibility for understanding the times and trials of a generation that we call parents.

My compliments to the Author for his openness and bravery. I’ll never understand his struggles or the terrible things he and his friends experienced… but I truly respect him for his willingness to tell a story so that we may all benefit from his perspective.