James Patterson, Candice Fox – The Inn

James Patterson’s strongest team since the Women’s Murder Club are the first responders when their seafront town is targeted by vicious criminals.

The Inn at Gloucester stands alone on the rocky shoreline. Its seclusion suits former Boston police detective Bill Robinson, novice owner and innkeeper. As long as the dozen residents pay their rent, Robinson doesn’t ask any questions. Neither does Sheriff Clayton Spears, who lives on the second floor.

Then Mitchell Cline arrives, with a deadly new way of doing business. His crew of local killers break laws, deal drugs, and bring violence to the doors of the Inn. That’s when Robinson realizes, with the help of journalist Susan Solie, that leaving the city is no escape from the reality of evil – or the responsibility for action.

Teaming up with Sheriff Spears and two fearless residents – Army veteran Nick Jones and groundskeeper Effie Johnson – Robinson begins a risky defense. The solitary inhabitants of the Inn will have to learn, before time runs out, that their only choice is between standing together – or dying alone.

Author: James Patterson, Candice Fox
Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini
Duration: 7 hours 17 minutes
Released: 19 May 2008
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Language: English

User Review:

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I really like this book a lot. Patterson and Fox have created a very likable protagonist. Billy Robinson is a disgraced cop from Boston who was thrown off the force after beating a man silly based on information his partner provided. The information was wrong.
Robinson leaves Boston and purchases an Inn with his wife When she dies after being struck by a car, he continues to run the inn on his own. He sees himself as a caretaker and takes in some permanent residents. Those that live there full time are a strange bunch that don’t necessarily fit the norm.
A particularly nasty drug dealer moves into town and shortly after a young woman under Billy’s care dies from an overdose. Since most of the local police are on the take Billy is forced to take matters into his own hands. Luckily has a loyal group living at his Inn to watch his back.
Edoardo Ballerini does an outstanding job narrating.
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