James Sills – Do Sing

Singing is one thing, but singing together is something else. Powerful and uplifting, group singing creates deep human connections and benefits our wellbeing.

And it’s fun.

Vocal leader James Sills believes that group singing has the power to change lives. It is a joyful expression of our humanity that gives us purpose, encourages us to be fully present, and helps us to foster social bonds. In Do Sing, James invites us to look back on our singing journey. Was there a time when you stopped singing or were told you couldn’t sing? Do certain songs trigger happy memories?

With exercises to help unlock your voice, improve breathing, release tension, and a few simple songs to get started, Do Sing will help you to overcome (often deep-rooted) inhibitions and reawaken a love of singing.

Do Sing is a welcome remedy to the demands of modern life – and an invitation to experience the joy of group singing for yourself.

Author: James Sills
Narrator: James Sills
Duration: 2 hours 17 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2009
Publisher: The Do Book Co.
Language: English

User Review:

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It is unusual to read an autobiography like this and get such detail and a sense of character. Usually, the writing is extremely lazy and they pretty much rehash things everyone already knows. However, with this book, you get very detailed anecdotes about working at Apple Corp., living at George Harrison’s Frair Park, working for Mick Jagger, working on famous tours, etc. I read the book and was very pleasantly surprised so I got the audio version. It was just as good to listen to.