Jamie Mustard – The Iconist

Why do we immediately recognize art by Van Gogh and Warhol?

What does Beethoven share with Rage Against the Machine and Madonna?

What makes us remember the words of Churchill and King (and Dominos Pizza, for that matter)?

With the rise of digital media and advertising, a constant barrage of information makes it nearly impossible to be seen and heard. In The Iconist, branding and design strategist Jamie Mustard shows you how individuals, organizations, and brands can break through the noise.

The secret to standing out lies in creating content that the desired audience will lock onto and remember with little effort – simple, bold ideas that can be immediately understood. The Iconist reveals a set of primal laws in human society that explain why some things stand out and endure in the mind, while others are rejected. Blending relevant examples from history and pop culture with cutting-edge psychology, Mustard explores why certain things stick and others fade from memory – and gives you an owners manual to make any idea, product, or service stand out and be remembered. Forget relying on luck or trial-and-error: Mastering this process will enable you, no matter your field or endeavor, to confidently craft messages that resonate with your target audience through simple, fool-proof methods.

For businesses, marketers, teachers, advertisers, artists – from thought leaders to anyone trying to write a resume – The Iconist shows how to grab and hold attention. Fair warning, though: This book will change the way you view your audience…and the entire world around you.

Author: Jamie Mustard
Narrator: Jamie Mustard
Duration: 5 hours 39 minutes
Released: 19 Jan 2010
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

dharma ambitious

What makes anything iconic? I had never thought about it until I heard about this book. The author reads his own work with infectious conviction and the points made have made me see everything around me differently. In the highly over messaged world we live in, dramtically more so with the sudden emergence of the internet especially, the point of our voices being diluted is stunning. It is real and once you turn your attention to it for a moment, you feel it. We are all diluted — so how can we stand out, or even hear ourselves think. How do we make original or valuable thoughts, ideas, inventions or entertainment truly stand out. This book is a roller coaster ride that gets your attention and then sets you foundationally in a stronger place to communicate to anyone, across any medium. THUMBS UP!