Jan Fields – Bitter Words

Faith Newberry is settling in nicely at her job as librarian at the upscale and pet-friendly Castleton Manor literary retreat. Even her cat, Watson, has taken to his new life in Lighthouse Bay on Cape Cod. With a cozy cottage on the grounds of the Massachusetts estate in which to live, and surrounded by books by day and friends by night, Faith thinks life couldn’t get much sweeter.

When celebrity pastry chef Sugar Worthington takes up residence at the manor, trailing a television camera crew and an entourage of adoring fans, Faith rises to the challenge of organizing a book signing for the baking diva. But things turn sour when attempts are made on Sugar’s life, and Faith soon finds herself in a sticky situation.

It seems Sugar has a dark side, and she’s managed to make some enemies over the years – along with her drop-dead delicious desserts. Just how far will someone go for sweet revenge?

Faith doesn’t know what she’d do without her tailless, tuxedoed sidekick, but she does know there’s no one she trusts more than Watson to help her solve the mystery. She will also get a little help from her beloved Aunt Eileen, and the other intrepid members of the Candle House Book Club, veterinarian Midge and sous chef Brooke. It will take their combined talents to turn up the heat on a would-be killer.

Can they figure out who’s got it in for Sugar without getting mixed up in a recipe for death?

Author: Jan Fields
Narrator: Ann Richardson
Duration: 5 hours 43 minutes
Released: 20 May 2002
Publisher: Annies
Language: English

User Review:

molester grand

I enjoyed the first book in this series, but I think this one was even better. I like the characters, and the mystery was very well done. The aunts are a kick, and their video was a humorous side story. I like the direction Everly and Grady are heading, and I am looking forward to more in this series (the election should be interesting)