Jared C. Wilson – The Gospel-Driven Church

Many evangelical churches face the problem of the open “back door” – even as new people arrive, older members are leaving, looking for something else. Combined with this problem is the discipleship deficit, the difficult truth that most evangelicals are not reaching the unchurched at the rates they think they are. In fact, many of the metrics that we often “count” in the church to highlight success really don’t tell us the full story of a church’s spiritual state. Things like attendance, decisions, dollars, and experiences can tell us something about a church, but not everything.

To cultivate a spiritually healthy church we need a shift in our metrics – a “grace-shift” that prioritizes the work of God in the lives of people over numbers and dollars. Are people growing in their esteem for Jesus? Is there a dogged devotion to the Bible as the ultimate authority for life? Is there a growing interest in theology and doctrine? A discernible spirit of repentance? And perhaps most importantly, is there evident love for God and for our neighbors in the congregation?

Leading a church culture to shift from numerical success to the metrics of grace can be costly, but leaders who have conviction, courage, and commitment can lead while avoiding some of the landmines that often destroy churches. Wilson includes diagnostic questions that will help leaders measure – and lead team transparency in measuring as a group – the relative spiritual health of their church, as well as a practical prescriptive plan for implementing this metric-measuring strategy without becoming legalistic.

Most attractional church models can lean heavily on making changes to the weekend worship gatherings. And while some of these changes can be good, thriving grace-focused churches are driven by a commitment to the gospel, allowing the gospel to inform and shape the worship service and the various ministries of the church.

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Author: Jared C. Wilson
Narrator: Steve Lyon
Duration: 7 hours 44 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2003
Publisher: Zondervan
Language: English

User Review:

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As someone who believed in and was part of the seeker targeted and then seeker sensitive church model, this book was not always easy to hear. Even the comments on certain pastors and ministries that I have learned from over the years made this a difficult listen at points. Thinking ” Yes, but…” at many points I kept listening and was glad that I did.

This book is not only about grace it is full of grace. It is not meant to tear down but to build up. Many of us believe the church should be Gospel driven but this writer gives us a context for making sure that is what we really do. It rings true for me. It doesn’t say that it is easy to repurpose a church. It states quite the opposite.

I liked the intertwining of a story of a pastor and a local church attempting this shift along with the specifics of why and how. It made it easier to see.

I recommend this book. I’ve decided to stretch my reading to some I haven’t read before. I’m glad I am.

The reader is quite good as well. He is very suited to the reading of this book.