Jason Redman – Overcome

Retired Navy SEAL and New York Times best-selling author Jason Redman divulges how to triumph over adversity using proven Special Operations habits and mindsets.

Adversity can often catch you by surprise and leave you struggling with what to do next. What if you could confront any adversity, from the biggest challenges – the loss of your job, divorce, health issues, bankruptcy – to normal daily challenges – a late flight, a disappointing phone call, a missed promotion, a bad day – and not just survive it, but thrive afterwards?

Redman was horrifically wounded in Iraq in 2007 when he was shot at close range through the face and arm. After 40 surgeries, including extensive facial reconstruction and skin grafts, he came back from this experience stronger than ever – despite carrying scars and injuries he will have for the rest of his life. Redman went on to launch two successful companies and speaks all over the country on how to build better leaders through his Overcome mindset.

Overcome is based on extensive research and interviews with America’s toughest warriors – including retired four-star Admiral William McRaven, retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal, and others. In this audiobook, Redman teaches:

How to survive any life ambush

How to move from defense to offense using the proactive techniques of SEAL teams

How to strengthen your endurance during long-term trials

How to rediscover and thrive in your life purpose

How to lead your team (whether in business or family) to success

How to compete with the top one percent in your field

How to stay the course even when you want to quit

And more

Some people move through adversity, and others fall underneath it. Learn how you can be counted among those who will Overcome.

Author: Jason Redman
Narrator: Jason Redman
Duration: 6 hours 26 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2012
Publisher: Center Street
Language: English

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palette indigenous

One of the very few books that I listened to again immediately after finishing.

absolutely love it!