JD Franx – Fallen Sepulchre

Threatened by an Elloryan invasion reinforced by the Ancients, the sanctuary Ember and Max sought in DormaSai after Kaels burial is at its end. A civil war rages in Cethos, and the threat of Wildland tribal attacks in the Blood Kingoms is imminent. They can offer no help to their Southern neighbors, leaving DormaSai as all that stands in the Ancients way. When the peace conclave crumbles and the Ancients are forced from DormaSai by unexpected allies, Ember and Max turn their attention to preparing for the Ancients inevitable return.

One year after Kaels death, the Ancients return for the Human Animus seal, and with them, comes the full might of Emperor Meros Elloryan military machine. On the dawn of war, startling information from the North reaches the DormaSai military camp as King Kohls spies return from Corynth. They bring tales of a DeathWizard restoring the rightful Bale heir to the Cesthosian throne and freeing Talohnas only ArchWizard from the clutches of the DragonKin.

Ember, Max, and Yrlissa are convinced that only one DeathWizard would have cause to do either – Kael.

As war with Ellorya erupts, their hope that Kael is somehow back from the dead must be set aside. The war that all of Talohna has dreaded for so long is about to begin, and hope is a rare commodity during any war.

Contains mature content.

Author: JD Franx
Narrator: Simon Vance
Duration: 15 hours 57 minutes
Released: 19 May 2002
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

poke lanky

I got sucked into this series and can’t wait for the next story. try it out.