Jeanette Norden, The Great Courses – Understanding the Brain

Considering everything the brain does, how can it possibly be the source of our personalities, dreams, thoughts, sensations, utterances, and movements?

Understanding the Brain, a 36-lecture course by award-winning Professor Jeanette Norden of Vanderbilt University, takes you inside this astonishingly complex organ and shows you how it works. With its combination of neurology, biology, and psychology, this course helps you understand how we perceive the world through our senses, how we move, how we learn and remember, and how emotions affect our thoughts and actions. Your tour starts with the organization of the central nervous system at the gross, cellular, and molecular levels, then investigates in detail how the brain accomplishes a host of tasks – from seeing and sleeping to performing music and constructing a personal identity.

You explore a broad range of exciting topics in neuroscience and come away with a deeper knowledge of how the brain is organized – and a feeling of wonder and appreciation for all that it accomplishes.

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Author: Jeanette Norden, The Great Courses
Narrator: Jeanette Norden
Duration: 18 hours 28 minutes
Released: 19 Nov 2003
Publisher: The Great Courses
Language: English

User Review:

liquor roaring

This material is not made to be listened to in audiobook format.

It requires the video to be understood, 90% of the first 2 chapters is her pointing at stuff on a (presumably) whiteboard or video-projection we can’t see. And instructions such as “This thing here” don’t help when all you have is the audio and a PDF with images.

Now, going past that, the books itself presents information in a seemingly very bad way, I haven’t gone through all of it (due to the previously mentioned error) but it seems to fall into the age-old mistake of describing rather than exemplifying and explaining.

It concerns itself with describing what the various areas of the brain are called and the history behind the names… but I wanted to understand the FUNCTION of the brain from this books, that’s what the title implies, and it doesn’t seem to do that, at all.

It’s boring, it managed to spend 1 hour emparting literally no information that my brain cared to remember, which is a rather impressive feat, assuming that’s what you were aiming for.