Jeffrey C. Grossman, The Great Courses – Thermodynamics: Four Laws That Move the Universe

Nothing has had a more profound impact on the development of modern civilization than thermodynamics. Thermodynamic processes are at the heart of everything that involves heat, energy, and work, making an understanding of the subject indispensable for careers in engineering, physical science, biology, meteorology, and even nutrition and culinary arts. Get an in-depth tour of this vital and fascinating science in 24 enthralling lectures suitable for everyone from science novices to experts who wish to review elementary concepts and formulas.

Professor Jeffrey Grossman of MIT uses the four laws of thermodynamics as a launching point to discuss foundational concepts that are critical pillars of science and engineering – ideas such as entropy, chemical potential, Gibbs free energy, enthalpy, osmotic pressure, heat capacity, eutectic melting, and the Carnot cycle. These and other ideas shed light on many phenomena in the natural world, and they are the analytical tools that engineers use to create new devices and technologies. At the end of these lectures, you’ll truly appreciate the elegance and importance of thermodynamic principles. Also, you’ll have unlocked the secrets to a fascinating aspect of our universe.

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Author: Jeffrey C. Grossman, The Great Courses
Narrator: Jeffrey C. Grossman
Duration: 12 hours 34 minutes
Released: 18 May 2012
Publisher: The Great Courses
Language: English

User Review:

viewing stupendous

I’m a chemical engineer and was probably one of the few people in my class who actually enjoyed our thermodynamics class in college. It’s a difficult subject. The content of this course is five stars but I hold back one star overall since it may be too difficult for some people without the video. This course was made for video and included demos and equations. That makes listening to it somewhat challenging. But I’m still delighted to see this course made accessible from The Great Courses through Audible at regular prices.

I’d say the audio-only format is just fine for people who have studied thermodynamics previously and are looking for a review. That way all the equations and processes referred to will be easier to visualize mentally. Also listeners with a background in calculus and physics, even if not in thermodynamics, will probably be fine. For beginners it will be more of a challenge, but nothing wrong with that either. It’s just something to be aware of.