Jennifer Petriglieri – Couples That Work

Finding fulfillment in both love and work isn’t easy – but it’s possible.

The majority of couples today are dual-career couples. As anyone who’s part of such a relationship knows, this presents big challenges: trying to raise kids and achieve career goals while caring for and supporting your partner can seem impossible. Yet most advice for dual-career couples fails, framing the challenges as a zero-sum game in which one partner’s gain is the other’s loss and solutions feel like sacrifices or unsatisfactory trade-offs.

This book is different. In Couples That Work, INSEAD professor Jennifer Petriglieri rejects conventional one-size-fits-all solutions and instead focuses on how dual-career couples can tackle and resolve the challenges they face throughout their lives – together. She identifies three key phases of exploration and personal growth in every couple’s work-life journey, showing how partners must navigate these together to strengthen their bond.

Filled with vivid real-life stories, keen insights, and engaging exercises, Couples That Work will help couples develop their own unique answers to that most pressing question: How can we successfully combine love and work?

Author: Jennifer Petriglieri
Narrator: Jennifer Petriglieri
Duration: 6 hours 27 minutes
Released: 19 Jun 2012
Publisher: Gildan Media
Language: English

User Review:

co-chairman trifling

Suffered from shyness and social anxiety for much of my teenage and adult life and i have tried everything from hypnosis to numerous books. This one was different. It had actual advice I could follow. Am i totally cured? No of course not, it is not that simple but i am a LOT better and feel i get better every single day. Narration was good but at times her voice could be a tad irritating.