Jerry Stahl, Nic Sheff – foreword – Permanent Midnight

An extraordinary accomplishment…. A remarkable book that will be of great value to people who feel isolated, alienated and overwhelmed by the circumstances of their lives. –Hubert Selby, Jr., author of Last Exit to Brooklyn

[Stahl] is a better-than-Burroughs virtuoso. –Thomas Mallon, The New Yorker

Original, appalling, indelible picture of a man trying to swim and drown at the same time. Stahl has nerve, heart, a language of his own and a ghastly, riotous humor. –Tobias Wolff, author of This Boys Life

Permanent Midnight is one of the most harrowing and toughest accounts ever written in this century about what it means to be a junkie in America, making Burroughs look dated and Kerouac appear as the nose-thumbing adolescent he was. –Booklist

A searing confessional infused with the darkest humor, Permanent Midnight chronicles the opiated abyss of a Hollywood screenwriter and his formidable climb into sobriety.

Made into a major motion picture starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Permanent Midnight is revered by critics and an ever-growing cult of devoted fans as one of the most compelling contemporary memoirs.

Author: Jerry Stahl, Nic Sheff – foreword
Narrator: Jerry Stahl, Scott Merriman
Duration: 11 hours 43 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2009
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

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prey incredible

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