Jerry Taylor, Peter Van Doren, Margaret Dayton, David John, more – CatoAudio, July 2005

Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren on what, if anything, Congress should do about high gas prices; Utah legislator Margaret Dayton on opting out of the No Child Left Behind Act; David John on reforming Social Security for the next generation; George Ayittey on how foreign aid undermines Africa’s indigenous economy; Vietnam veteran Andrew Bacevich on the dangers of American militarism; and David Boaz on the relentless, but not inevitable, growth of government.
Author: Jerry Taylor, Peter Van Doren, Margaret Dayton, David John, more
Narrator: Bill McGregor
Duration: 1 hr and 18 minutes
Released: 5 Jan 2007
Publisher: The Cato Institute
Language: English

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brouhaha inescapable

This story was a remarkable overview of the plight of people during the Genocide. The authors insights to a horrific period give a view of how individuals were caught up in the struggles by conveying not only their experiences but also their thoughts about their dire situation. I have been to Rwanda, heard many versions of the genocide but this story has given me further insights. The key people in the story are described in great depth and with sensitivity. It captures the realities of people’s lives based on the authors experiences as a journalist.