Jim Moats – Leading from the Edge of the Inside

Midway into their ownership journey, nearly all business owners Ive worked with express a latent desire to carry significantly less financial burden, become less involved in the day-to-day, and be able to do so without worry. Many also express a desire to more fully enjoy the meaning associated with what they and a handful of people have created.

Leading from the Edge of the Inside is written to help owners, executives, and their coaches and guides achieve this goal by creating sustainable companies. It provides a simple path to shifting the leadership patterns of the management team so that value creation can flourish.

By playfully bringing to light the invisible patterns that no longer serve you, and by providing maps for nine essential management team conversations, your management team can become a practice field.

If youve noticed that traditional leadership levers are less and less effective you arent alone. As you practice the essential conversations; value creation, execution, growth, leader effectiveness, management team coherence, collaboration, connection, and inner fluency, traction will improve and your ability to scale will simplify. More importantly, the quality of meaning you and each employee experience will become measurable and leading will once again become more fun.

Author: Jim Moats
Narrator: Bill Foote
Duration: 6 hours 7 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2012
Publisher: Made for Success
Language: English

User Review:

white two-hour

This is a must-read for any serious leader who is bumping up against the cold, indifferent reality that leadership tips & techniquesand hiding from your own inherent deficiencieswont lead you to the true success and freedom your heart longs for. This book, it seems to me, is a roadmap to both.