Joel R. Beeke – Parenting by God’s Promises

Many parents today are searching for the secret to successful parenting. In Parenting by God’s Promises, Dr. Joel R. Beeke asserts that there is no secret. When it comes to giving children what they need most – new hearts that trust in Christ for forgiveness of sins – parents are helpless.

When children come to faith, it is due to the grace of God. But while parents are helpless, they are not hopeless, for God has promised in his word to provide all needful things for his people and to bless them and their families. With faith in these grand promises, parents may raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord with confidence that God will work savingly in their lives.

Parenting by God’s Promises is a different kind of parenting manual, one that puts parental responsibilities in their proper perspective and guides mothers and fathers not to lean on their own abilities but to trust more fully in the God who knits children together in the first place.

Author: Joel R. Beeke
Narrator: David Cochran Heath
Duration: 10 hours 10 minutes
Released: 15 Feb 2011
Language: English

User Review:

lantern wanting

Chapter names not included in app’s track listing – otherwise I’d give it four stars. This is really a reference book so the fact that they didn’t include chapter titles makes it a really inconvenient audiobook. There are 238 tracks in this series — only way to find what you want is by referencing a downloadable PDF…thats insane!? Please update book and add chapter titles to track list in app.