John Bergsma – Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Amajor new work on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest sacred documents of Judaism, which reveals their surprising connections to early Christianity.

“A luminous treatment of a fascinating subject! Highly recommended!” (Scott Hahn, author ofThe Fourth Cup)

From award-winning scholar John Bergsma comes an intriguing audiobook that reveals new insights on the Essenes, a radical Jewish community predating Christianity, whose existence, beliefs, and practices are often overlooked in the annuls of history. Bergsma reveals how this Jewish sect directly influenced the beliefs, sacraments, and practices of early Christianity and offers new information on how Christians lived their lives, worshiped, and eventually went on to influence the Roman Empire and Western civilization. Looking to Hebrew scripture and Jewish tradition, Bergsma helps to further explain how a simple Jewish peasant could go on to inspire a religion and a philosophy that still resonates 2,000 years later.

In this enriching and exciting exploration, Bergsma demonstrates how the Dead Sea Scrolls – the world’s greatest modern archaeological discovery – can shed light on the church as a sacred society that offered hope, redemption, and salvation to its member. Ultimately, these mysterious writings are a time machine that can transport us back to the ancient world, deepen our appreciation of Scripture, and strengthen our understanding of the Christian faith.

“An accessible introduction…. This is a handy entry point for readers unfamiliar with Essenes or those interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls.” (Publishers Weekly)

Author: John Bergsma
Narrator: Mark Deakins
Duration: 7 hours 18 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2009
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

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This work had quite a few startling insights into the old covenant practices and the New Testament fulfillments found in the early Church period and contemporary practices. I’ve heard about the Essene community found at Qumran, responsible for the dead sea scrolls, but hadn’t known too much about them. This is a great place to broaden your knowledge base about not only that community, then scroll, and Old Testament Judaism, but about what and how beliege understand Christianity today. Excellent.