John Goodbody Barry – A History of the Olympics

This unique audiobook history of the Olympics, first issued in 2008, has been updated to include the Beijing Olympics and released to coincide with the London event. Written by the prize-winning sports journalist John Goodbody, and with a fascinating personal documentary featuring one of Britain’s leading Olympians, Sebastian Coe, who is now heading the 2012 Games, this is an ideal opener!

Goodbody, for many years chief sports news writer for the Times, has covered every Olympics since 1964. In this entertaining and informative account, he tells the main stories of each of the modern Olympics. Here are some of the heroes and heroines who have made sporting history, as well as the main disasters and scandals that attend the worlds greatest sporting event.

Author: John Goodbody Barry
Narrator: Barry Davies
Duration: 6 hours 40 minutes
Released: 12 Dec 2003
Publisher: Naxos AudioBooks
Language: English

User Review:

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So, I kept putting this off and off but when I finally took the time to listen it, I realized the book is actually quite intriguing. Filled with interesting facts and historical references dating back to the very first Olympics, this work is well-done and the narrator does a great job as well. My only regret, the book only focuses on the summer Olympics, which is certainly disappointing to a winters-sports’ guy like myself.