John Holl – Drink Beer, Think Beer

From an award-winning journalist and beer expert, a thoughtful and witty guide to understanding and enjoying beer

Right here, right now is the best time in the history of mankind to be a beer drinker. America now has more breweries than at any time since prohibition, and globally, beer culture is thriving and constantly innovating. Drinkers can order beer brewed with local yeast or infused with moondust. However, beer drinkers are also faced with uneven quality and misinformation about flavors. And the industry itself is suffering from growing pains, beset by problems such as unequal access to taps, skewed pricing, and sexism.

Drawing on history, economics, and interviews with industry insiders, John Holl provides a complete guide to beer today, allowing listeners to think critically about the best beverage in the world. Full of entertaining anecdotes and surprising opinions, Drink Beer, Think Beer is a must-listen for beer lovers, from casual enthusiasts to die-hard hop heads.

Author: John Holl
Narrator: John Holl
Duration: 7 hours 7 minutes
Released: 18 Apr 2009
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Language: English

User Review:

exclusion well-heeled

Learn and appreciate fundamentals of beer whether its craft or not, and go deep in some content like taste, aroma, ingredients, glass, kegs etc. The authors is quite critic about some craft beer that is diverted from what beer supposed to be. After listening, I am more conscious, more analytic about the content of beer i drink. Story is fun. Voice reading by the author himself is clear and filled with authentic passion.