John Lucarotti – Doctor Who: Marco Polo

Zienia Merton reads this captivating novelisation of an epic lost historical TV adventure featuring the First Doctor.

The young Venetian Marco Polo is on his way to the emperors court in Peking when he meets four intrepid time travellers: the elderly Doctor, his granddaughter Susan, and their companions Ian and Barbara.

The TARDIS has broken down whilst on Earth, in the year 1289. Marco Polo recognises in it a means of winning favour with the emperor, and he insists that the travellers accompany his caravan to Cathay.

The journey is fraught with sandstorms, drought, bandits, would-be assassins and many other hidden dangers. Even if they do arrive safely at the court of Kublai Khan, the Doctor and his friends have no guarantee of ever seeing the inside of the TARDIS again….

Zienia Merton, who played Ping-Cho in the original BBC serial, reads John Lucarottis own novelisation of his 1964 TV adventure.

Dedicated to the memory of Zienia Merton.

Text John Lucarotti 1984

Cover illustration by David McAllister

Reading produced by John Ainsworth

Recorded at Ashwood Music

Postproduction by Ladbroke Studios

Sound design by Simon Power for Meon Productions

TARDIS sound effect composed by Brian Hodgson

Executive producer: Michael Stevens

Author: John Lucarotti
Narrator: Zienia Merton
Duration: 3 hours 58 minutes
Released: 18 Jun 2012
Publisher: BBC Digital Audio
Language: English

User Review:

snitch teenage

loved it as always. William Russell is as always s great to listen to. this is a episode I never saw, but would love to.