John Lynch – The International Sales Handbook

In more than 40 years of working as an international salesman, John Lynch has lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica. He has distilled the lessons learned during that time into this audiobook. This book is not a motivational sales book but a practical handbook telling the would-be export salesperson what we do, how we do it, why we do it that way, and what goes wrong when we don’t.

Chapter 1: International Sales

Chapter 2: Things to Be Aware of Before You Sign Up

Chapter 3: Corruption

Chapter 4: Research

Chapter 5: Incoterms and Terms of Payment

Chapter 6: Finding Local Representation

Chapter 7: Continents and Countries: Specific Issues

Chapter 8: Getting There and Staying There

Chapter 9: What can go wrong?

Author: John Lynch
Narrator: John Lynch
Duration: 4 hours 22 minutes
Released: 15 Feb 2010
Publisher: Mandrill Press
Language: English

User Review:

changeling pleated

The recording quality of this book is poor. That being said, I love the author and this work. He is down to earth, and calls it like he sees it. He has definitely lived it, and to an extent, the poor audio quality really adds to his authenticity. His comments on Brazil, and needing one of three basic languages are spot on. Really enjoyed it. Definitely worth listening, especially if you are new to international sales.