Jonathan Franklin – Two Owls at Eton

Two Owls at Eton – a classic British tale of eccentricity, education and owls. Witty, poignant and nostalgic, this best-selling memoir continues to find new fans and delight young and old alike. Now available for the first time in audiobook.

When Jonathan Franklin takes two baby tawny owls back to Eton, he has no idea how chaotic the following months will be. The birds show no respect for Etonian routine and tradition. They trash his room and rule his daily life and are known throughout the school as ‘Dum’ and ‘Dee’. Although a keen naturalist, Jonathan struggles to understand his charges and to find the right food for them: at first meat and feathers, soon mice and rats. Even so, they nearly die of malnutrition on two occasions.

Frantic, he searches for natural food. How to keep them alive is a constant worry. He watches them grow from ugly balls of fluff into beautiful adults, every change of plumage and behaviour noted. They play truant; they shock others and lead Jonathan into hilarious adventures. They charm his housemaster and everybody who meets them. Best of all is seeing them flying about over those famous playing fields.

All the time, Jonathan works to train them for eventual return to the wild. Will that be possible? He is never sure whether he will succeed.

Author: Jonathan Franklin
Narrator: Jonathan Franklin
Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes
Released: 18 Mar 2012
Publisher: John Blake
Language: English

User Review:

perpetrator recent

Interesting book geared to those with a serious background in the subject. The narrator’s accent is very difficult to understand for an American audience especially with the very technical material which this book deals with.

Recommended only for those with a serious interest in the subject.