Joy Ellis – Fire on the Fens

The Fens are burning, and Detective Nikki Galena faces a cat-and-mouse battle with a killer arsonist. Someone is lighting fires. First they target homes and businesses, but then a body is found at one of the crime scenes. More fires are lit. And at each one a single person dies. But the victims have led spotless lives, and apparently there’s no connection between them.

Meanwhile, the town is facing a very peculiar threat from a group of sinister Satanists led by a charismatic businessman. Who is burning with anger, and can Nikki stop them before anyone else dies?

Author: Joy Ellis
Narrator: Henrietta Meire
Duration: 8 hours 51 minutes
Released: 18 Nov 2009
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

restatement resultant

Love the narrator, characters, setting. This was the first of the series that was flat and predictable. Even the “mystery wedding party reveal” was cheeseball city. If you’re a fan, you’ll likely still enjoy this, but if you only dabble, give it a pass and wait for her next installment.