Jude Currivan – Heart, Mind and Purpose

In these momentous times, we are each undergoing an unprecedented journey of self-discovery that is a vital part of a collective shift of consciousness. As the shift gathers pace, we can energise the higher compassion of our hearts, the heightened clarity of our minds and the empowered commitment of our purpose on Earth to create a new cosmic age.

In this transformational download of teachings and attunements, scientist, healer, and visionary Jude Currivan PhD shares an inspiring and above all practical path to wholeness. The first part offers teachings on an integral vision of the cosmos that reconciles science and spirit.

Jude will show you how to access the universal 8th Chakra and how to align your individual purpose with that of the cosmos. The practical attunements in the second part are all designed to help you achieve an aligned heart, mind and purpose.

Author: Jude Currivan
Narrator: Jude Currivan
Duration: 1 hr and 39 minutes
Released: 9 Sep 2004
Publisher: Hay House UK Ltd
Language: English

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